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Are your locks operating the way they’re meant to? Does smooth operation merely mean locking and unlocking? Many homeowners are completely oblivious to the fact their locks aren’t exactly doing a good job at safeguarding their property, until someone finds a breach in their security. Don’t let that ‘someone’ be a burglar or a professional criminal seeking to exploit your property’s weaknesses and make financial gains out of it. Hiring a seasoned locksmith who can identify the flaws at an early stage can help you build a strong security shield for your property. Prospect KY Locksmith Store is a premier locksmith service agency that has been securing countless properties in Prospect, KY through its lock changing service!

Warning signs for changing locks today!

As stated earlier, we don’t notice that our locks need a change until a thief or a burglar makes us realize that our locks were just not good enough! But when is the right time for changing locks and how will you know it’s time? You need to pay attention to your locks and make it your priority to maintain them regularly. Noticing a few common warning signs early can save your money – and save lives too! 

  • Your locks are worn down: A worn-down lock is more susceptible to lock picking and can be easily broken by an intruder.Prospect KY Locksmith Store Prospect, KY 502-268-1009
  • You struggle to open them: Your locks might be internally rusted or the mechanism might have worn down due to excessive use. If you find yourself struggling far too often to open your locks, then it’s a definite sign that there’s something wrong with your locks.
  • You lose keys often: Being the tiny components they are, it’s quite easy to misplace them. However, if you have a tendency of losing keys frequently, then you might consider ditching the conventional locks and embracing new, smart versions. These locks rule out the possibility of your lost keys being misused.
  • You’ve experienced a break-in: If your house or commercial premise has just been broken into, it should send alarm bells ringing and push you towards changing locks right away! It is indicative of two things: One, your locks were just not strong enough and two, your locks are now probably damaged if they were forced open. 
  • You do not feel secure: If you’ve been having the gut feeling that your security may not be exactly foolproof - do not ignore your instincts. With newer and improved locks being introduced, changing locks can take your security up a notch.